Flexible goal pegs

Flexible Goal Pegs for Hockey goal cages

Flexible Goal Pegs are specially designed to keep the goal cage in place in a safe way.

Our Flexible Goal Pegs are manufactured in polyurethane which is a material with incredible features and known for being durable and resistant to wear.

We offer two types of Flexible ”Hockey” Goal Pegs, one type for junior games and one type for senior games.

Flexible hockey goal pegsAll our flexible goal pegs are manufactured in accordance with guidelines from the Swedish Ice Hockey Association’s (Svenska Ishockeyförbundet (SIF)) regulations from 2019/2020.

The price for our Flexible Goal Pegs excluding VAT.

The delivery time is 2-3 business days

Summary changes in the rulebook 2019/2020

The goal pegs shall be of the material polyurethane, or of another material approved by SIF. The Senior goal peg shall have the stiffness 90 Shore A, and the Junior Goal Peg shall have the stiffness 80 Shore A. The senior Goal Peg shall be blue and the Junior Goal Peg shall be yellow. They shall be marked on the top Sr 90 respectively Jr 80.

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